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    Enterprise Messaging - WhatsApp for Companies

How the practical introduction works:
Technology overview and applications of secure messaging tools

We cannot imagine our personal and professional lives without messaging services like WhatsApp. They provide quick, direct, geographically independent communication and accelerate work processes regardless of whether you are coordinating with colleagues, business partners, vendors, or directly with customers. Yet are these also suitable for the professional environment? For data security purposes you should rely on alternatives.

Even now there are many messaging tools that are far more secure and efficient than WhatsApp. This primer analyses current technology and possible applications, and gives helpful tips so that you can find the right solution for your company.

  • Enterprise Messaging:
    Safe alternatives to WhatsApp

    • What role do messaging services play in the digital transition?

    • Why is WhatsApp not suitable for usage in companies?

    • How can enterprise messaging tools specifically improve work processes?

    • What enterprise messaging tools are currently available on the market, and which one sits my needs?

    • How does the future of enterprise messaging tools over the coming years look?

    We address these questions in our whitepaper "Enterprise Messaging - WhatsApp for Companies" and put 7 different tools to the test: HipChat, Slack, Mattermost, Teamwire, Circuit, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Workplace.

Expert interview - A discussion with Janus Boye

Janus Boye, Founder and Managing Director J.Boye

In order to get a true expert-analyst's opinion on the current relevance of this topic, we met up with Janus Boye for an interview. Read more about the status quo of enterprise messaging, and how the topic will continue to develop in the future, in the whitepaper.

"The idea is in its infancy, but it will be one of the deciding topics for 2017/2018."

Janus Boye is the co-founder and moderator of experience discussion groups of the network company J. Boye from Aarhus, Denmark. J. Boye, with more than 60 expert groups worldwide (throughout Europe and North America), conveys knowledge and personal advancement in the fields of communication, web and marketing.

Whitepaper Preview

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Whitepaper "Enterprise Messaging - WhatsApp for Companies"

The objective of the whitepaper is to emphasise the significance and potential of messaging apps for business use, and to present the risks of common tools such as WhatsApp.
Using an established market analysis, safe alternatives will be presented and categorised in order to make it easier for companies to enter the world of enterprise messaging.

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